The Curation Odyssey

At the Consilium Whisky Co.

We believe our purpose is the artistic handcrafting of the finest whiskies.

Discovery of
Malts & Grain

Different grains produce different taste profiles, different aromas and different textures. Malts made from Barley, the dominant grain in our whiskies, add the body to our liquid. Malts made from Rye, add the spice and sharpness, heavily influencing the top notes and aroma.

Malts Archive

The Malt Archive contains over 600 malt samples from various distilleries across the globe. Our Blenders curate malts from around the world, bringing in malts of various ages, grains and wood finishes. Our Malt Archivists are no different from librarians, maintaining immaculate records of each malt, their usage and profile. Some are great by themselves; some need a tad bit of help opening up.

The Amalgamation Room

The Amalgamation Room, where the magic happens, is the sun of our universe. Expert blenders from the world of whisky-making, work their craft into creating our best-in-class blends. They consistently dig into our Malt Archive, to endlessly mix, match, curate and experiment. Everything matters, the color, the aroma, the top notes, bottom notes, mouth feel. A blend could easily take up to a year to perfect.


Perhaps, the single most important factor contribution to the flavor profile of a whisky, wooden casks are an integral part of the whisky-making process. A malt will mature differently over time, in different barrels. This process is called the “Marriage”. Some barrels impart tannin, some caramel, while others may impart notes of nuts and grass. Once our Blenders select the right mix of malts, the Coopers are brought in to help select the right barrel. Factors such as barrel size, ageing time, wood profile, charring, and what liquid the barrel previously held, are taken into consideration before selecting the right barrel.


The barman, our most important critic, is the bridge between the distillery and the connoisseur of fine spirits. The possessor of intricate knowledge of both, the drink and the consumer. Our blends are critiqued by some of the top barmen in the world.